Art Show Info - for the Artist

Produced by The Talmadge Company

The Talmadge Art Show (TAS or Show) began in 1993 in the living room of the 1936 Talmadge home of producers Sharon Gorevitz and Alan Greenberg. In 2021, there will be the first in-person Talmadge Art Show on November 21, 2021. TAS has grown from 4 artists to over 80 artists at each Show who produce and sell works of contemporary craft including, glass, pottery, raku, jewelry of all kinds, clothing, hats, purses, mixed media, gourds, paintings, photography, cards, mixed media and more. All artwork displayed at the Show must be made and/or designed by the artist and the booth must be staffed by the artist during the Art Show. Space is limited in every location and all locations are indoor except for the Pop-Ups which are outside. Every show is juried.


When completing the application, please make sure that the mailing address is where you want to have your check sent to.

If the artist has a special setup (needs to be near a wall, has a high setup, fixtures only or wishes to be near another artist) that information must be on the application. No changes to location will be made day of Show.

Additions to the application include: Website or email linked to the artist’s name – $25.00 or an artist’s page $75.00. This additional information will stay indefinitely on the website. Plus, one hour of professional photography by Alan Greenberg – $50.00. The hour will be arranged at the artist’s convenience either at the Talmadge home or a site agreed upon. These options are available when completing the application.

ONLINE applications and booth payment through Paypal is the preferred way to apply, however, an application can be DOWNLOADED and mailed with a check to:
Talmadge Art Show
P.O. Box 601003
San Diego, CA 92160.

Photos, must be included with each application, however, additional photos, to be considered for the website or mailer, can be emailed to [email protected].


For 2021, all booth fee is $125.00 for the Show and the space is 8 x 6. A few double space booths are available for $250.00. When the application is submitted and the artist is selected for the Show, the fee is non-refundable. There is central cashiering at every Show and there is 20% sales commission on all sales including commissions.

All sales tax collected is paid by The Talmadge Company. Two weeks after the Show, a computer printout of the sales information and the net check is sent to the artist.




Liberty Station Conference Center (LSCC) San Diego, November 21, 2022
Up to 82 spaces each 8ft x 6ft.

You must bring your complete setup including fixtures and tables. Chairs will be provided. In the main room, 4 artists are setup together in a cube so that everyone has a corner plus there is some wall space. And there are 6 spaces in the lobby against a wall and 6 spaces in the back area for an artist group. No art can be hung or leaned against the walls. Electricity is provided and lighting is encouraged. No tents are allowed. You can apply for two booths as well as request location. Once the artist is juried in to the show, the fee is non-refundable.

Applications close: August 1, 2022



Day of the Show, setup begins at 8:00am and must be completed by 9:30am. Hours of each show are 10:00am – 4:00pm. The Show will open as soon as everyone is setup. Artists must be at the booth and if you need a break, please ask a Talmadge staff member for help. Breakdown will not begin until 4pm and must be completed by 5pm. There is some limited staff to help with setup and breakdown, however, if you have a complicated setup, please consider bringing help with you. Remember at most shows you must bring your complete setup including extension cords to access electricity. At this show, chairs will be provided.



A mailer with photos of artwork, information about the show and more is sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to the Show. Photos submitted by the artists will be considered to be used on the mailer. Marketing includes publicity in major newspapers, magazines and websites. Coverage is requested from local TV and FM stations and artwork from the artists will be requested to show on air and returned the day of Show.



The Talmadge Art Show has a website ( and if you would like to have your website or email linked to your name on the site, there is an additional cost of $25.00. If you would like a pop-up page created, the cost is $75.00 (examples of the links are on the site). This additional information will stay indefinitely on the site. These options (including an hour of photography with Alan Greenberg at $50.00) are available when completing the application.



Please follow us on Instagram, @talmadge_art_show



If you have any questions before completing the application, call 619-559-9082 or email [email protected]. Please note the application closing date.