Current Artists for Pop-Up Show
Sunday, December 19, 2022

Adrian Arango   |   Contemporary Beaded & Button Jewelry
Von Belk   |   Woven Handbags
Cheryl Clifford   |   Acrylic Art*
Lili Feingold   |   Sunken Treasure Jewels
Helen Shafer Garcia   |   Watermedia & Artist’s Books
Jackson Gray   |   Slab-Built Stoneware
Norma Hill   |   Norma Hill Designs
Alexa Hunter   |   Alexa Hunter Silver Jewelry Designs
Gabrielle Lessard   |   Sterling Silver Jewelry*
Mona Ray   |   Painted Abstracts of Land & Sea
Chinanshu Sharma   |   Sustainable Jewelry & Mixed Media
Sabine Snykers   |   Glass
Suzi Sterling & Mike Leamons   |   Hand Hammered Forged Copper
Grace Swanson   |   Gourds by Grace
Kay Teeters   |   Jewelry
Miki Yamamoto   |   Functional Ceramics
Special Guest Artist:
Raihana Samedi   |   Henna Art
* New artist


Current Artists for November 21, 2022 Show

Claudia Anderson   |   Bold Statement Metal Jewelry*

Adrian Arango   |   Button & Beaded Jewelry

Susan Barry   |   Porcelain Carved Tiles*

Kathy Battisti   |   San Diego Soulstones*

Von Belk   |   Woven Handbags*

Karin Bockenhauer   |   Handmade Bead Jewelry*

Mary Brown   |   Glass, Stone & Silver Jewelry

Julia Burnier   |   Eye Catcher Designs Mood Lamps*

Karen Carothers   |   Knitted Wool Handbags*

Lilian Cartwright   |   Jewelry Inspired by World Travels

Catherine Chambers   |   Sculptural & Decorative Ceramics

Sharon Christianson   |   Cuvee Jewelry*

Claudia Cohen   |   Functional Fused Art Glass*

Terry Collins  |  Unique Knits by Terry

Judy Cunningham   |   Designs by Judy*

Jean Degenfelder   |  Handwoven Clothing

Quyen Doyoder   |   Handmade Quilling Cards

Ashley Enning   |   Bare Sol Ceramics*

Janice Faulstich   |   Aprons, Totes, Sachets & More

Lili Feingold   |   Sunken Treasure Jewels

Gabriela Ferrin   |   Antyjewelry

Lyn Feudner   |   Glass & Metal  |

Eve Goldman   |   Functional and Decorative Felt Bowls*

Elisa Goodman |   Curmudgeon Cards

Pamela Gort   |   Simply Sown Jewelry Carriers

Karen Gruenberg   |   Hand Forged Jewelry

Sylvi Harwin   |   Anondized Aluminum Jewelry

Norma Hill   |   Norma Hill Designs

Sherri Hobson   |   Revential Sterling Designs

Alexa Hunter   |   Metal & Lapidary Jewelry*

Rosemary Hurni   |   Wire-Wrapped Stone & Crystal Jewelry

Pam Jara   |   Garden Art*

Alise Kabakoff   |   Hats, Scarves & More*

Shakeel Kachroo  |  Beaded Handbags*

Serena Kojimoto   |   Silver & Gold Jewelry

Sheri Liebert   |   Custom Silver Jewelry

Lisabeth Lobenthal   |   Polymer Clay Designs*

Cynthia Lohry   |   Artisan Jewelry

Maggie Marshall   |   Flip-Flop-Fold-Up Books*

Sandra McManus   |   Sandy’s Adornments

Jane Mohr   |   Dress to Kill Clothing

Shirley Price-McGrew   |   Signature Style Collars, Pendants & Earrings*

Mona Ray   |   Painted Abstracts of Land & Sea*

Michelle Ridley   |   Living & Dyeing Textiles

Josie Rodriguez   |   Encaustic Mixed Media*

Joe Rooks   |   Metal Wire, Beads & Pearl Jewelry

DeAnne Sbardellati   |   Kantha Reversible Wearables*

Nate Schendel   |   Fellows Fabrications

Marna Schindler   |   Fine Art

Ursula Schroter   |   Silk Dreams

Helen Schultes   |   La Isla Jewelry

Diane Shelton   |   West Love Silk & Linen Wearables

Leslie Shirley   |   The Bag Lady

Stephen Silverman   |   One-Of-A-Kind Silver Jewelry

Ilene Sirota   |   Jewelry & Accessories

Sabine Snykers   |   Glass Art

Rebecca Smith   |   Rebecca Smith Tapestry

Suzi Sterling & Mike Leamons   |   Hand Hammered & Forged Copper

Paul Stolte   |   Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

John Straub   |   John Straub Image Works*

Linda Stryker   |   Stryking Gourds

Grace Swanson   |   Gourds by Grace

Barbara Taylor   |   Copper, Brass & Sterling Jewelry

Joan Taylor   |   Garden Art

Alessandra Thornton   |   Andean Amazon Treasures

Kanako Yamada   |   Kodama Forest

Miki Yamamoto   |   Functional Ceramics


*New Artists


Clay Artists of San Diego (CASD)

Caroline Brandt

Merle Lambeth

Norman Lurie

Harriett Sherry

Geraldine Vergnet

Georgana Winters



Firebreathers Glass Artists

Krista Heron

Kathleen Mitchell   |   [email protected]

Jon Simpson

Jack Wade