Jackson Gray

I’m a “stay-at-home-potter”. I work by myself, in a studio just steps from my house. I mostly build pieces from slabs but do use a potters wheel sometimes. I love texture and most of my pieces will be very tactile.
I might press the surface with a commercial stamp or one I’ve made from clay that I then fire or linoleum that I have carved. Maybe I’ll emboss with lace from the fabric shop
Or I’ll coat the entire surface with a black underglaze. I then carve the design by removing the black, leaving the image that I see in my mind. This process is called sgraffito.

I make pots. I’m not trying to say anything. I like pots and I like texture, I like birds and flowers and covered bridges and surfers, so I make pots that reflect that interest but I didn’t go to art school to learn how to turn that into any kind of statement. I like pots and I hope you like the way I make them.


Artist: Jackson Gray
Company Name: Jackpots!
Phone: (858) 243-3828
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.jackpots-pottery.com


ceramics, design