Kelly Davenport

I make art to know myself. It didn’t start out that way. It started out with my desire to make pretty things; graphic design, jewelry, drawings and finally paintings. But now, as I focus on oil painting, I understand that the struggle is really to know and understand myself. As a graphic designer, my “art” was directed by the client and the project. As my own client, I am totally in control of what I paint, how I paint, how big my work is and everything in between. Sometimes I wish I had another client! Right now, I’m attracted to figurative subjects which include human and animal subjects. My dog Willow is always eager to pose for me, following me around and arranging herself in attractive positions. I mostly paint what I love–people, dogs, the occasional still life of fruit or flowers. Perhaps I’ll broaden my interest at some point, but these subjects make me happy. So for now, that’s what I’ll paint.


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Kelly Davenport
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BIOS, fine art, painting