Lorraine Clemmons

Hi my name is Lorraine Clemmons I am married and have raised 4 wonderful children. Now that my children are grown I found an interest in Nuno felting. I have taken a few workshops and fell in love with the concept. I started to experiment and made some changes to make my clothing unique to my aesthetic, which is less wool and more of the silk showing. I still do the conventional Nuno Felting of clothing also.
I work primarily with textiles and have implemented screen printing, as well as painting free hand onto the silk that I use to make my clothing. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to change it up.
In 2015 a friend inspired me to sell at art shows.
In 2016 I started attending several major art shows and sold out at the Indian wells art festival. I am continuing to do art shows mainly in Southern California and Arizona. Check out my website for more information - Dovetail37.com
Each piece is hand made by me. I take the silk and begin to cut the shape of the clothing, then the fibers are laid out onto the silk to make a design as well as the “seams”. The fibers are then worked into the silk by a wet felting process of rubbing, rolling, and throwing. I believe my pieces could be considered one of a kind, because of the uncontrolled aspect of the process I use.
I love seeing how women feel when they wear my clothing. My pieces are fun to wear they are raw, & imperfect pieces which is a lot like life.


Company Name: dovetail37
Phone: (951) 232-1676
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dovetail37.com


clothing, design, fashion, mixed media